We want to first acknowledge that it can be a little risky to say out loud what you believe in. Invariably, we will, in some way, fail to live up to the ideals that we set out for ourselves. So let's just agree from the beginning that we believe wholeheartedly in the values we describe below, and we commit fully to fixing whatever we break when we fall short of expectations we set for ourselves.

We believe in people

In our business and in our lives, people are more important than things, money, success, power or whatever. We put our families, employees, customers and others first.

Part of this belief is our commitment to diversity. We don't just tolerate differences, we embrace them. In order for us to be our best as a company, we need to be made up of people that represent different perspectives, different approaches, different experiences and backgrounds. Without that, we are incomplete. In order for us to be a postive member of our community (locally and globally), we need to create opportunity for those that have little of it, we need to invest in those that don't have resources, we need to be a place that welcomes all people. We don't want our 'commitment to diversity' to be just a compliance policy or a marketing slogan. Our commitment is to actively seek out, employ, train, and advance people that represent all facets of our community.

We believe we have a responsiblity to our customers

Our customers give up resources in exchange for the service we provide. Those resources are important and could be used for any number of other priorities, but our customers entrust them to us, and we owe them several things in return.

  1. We owe our customers quality products, services and support.
  2. We owe our customers honesty and integrity in all our dealings with them.
  3. We owe our customers transparency in our policies, pricing and practices.

We believe in protecting what is entrusted to us

This value applies to a lot of things, but we want to point out our commitment to our customers' data security. People should be able to control the information they share with others, and we have built our business model with that in mind. We give organizations a platform on which people can share relevant information with each other to build relationships and get work done. It is not necessary for anyone else to have access to that information, so we don't share it.

We believe in open source

Teamifi, at its core, is built on open source software. We owe a huge debt to the open source community in general, and particularly to those communities around HumHub, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Linux and others. As a result, we will always ensure that customers are aware of, and have access to the free, open-source versions of software that is part of Teamifi. At times we will develop proprietary additions or modules that help us sustain our business, but we are committed to participating as active contributors to the development of those open source products and to sharing as much as we can.

See our Open Source Information page for more details about the open source products we use, and how we are contributing to those projects.

We believe in taking risks

Just to be clear - we're not talking about taking risks with people's data (see protecting what is entrusted to us above).

What we do believe in is trying new things, pushing the envelope, challenging the status quo (enter other risk-taking cliches here). We're not the type of people, or the type of company that is going to sit back on our success and just milk it for whatever we can get out of it. We love to engage the unknown, build new things, and fix things that aren't broken. And if we break things in the process, we'll be quick to fix those too.

We believe in having fun

This is not just about who we are as people, but also who we want to be as a company. Yes, we want to do good work, and build good products, but we want to engage all of who we are while we do that. People that enjoy the place where they work, enjoy being with the people they work with, and get to do work they enjoy doing... do better work. Sure, that probably means better products for our customers, which would be reason enough on its own, but it's also an acknowledgement that joy, laughter and play are big parts of who we are as people. And if you remember, we believe in people.

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