We know the best way to get to know Teamifi is to use it yourself.

We want to give you a chance to use your own Hub with your own team and we think you'll be impressed by what you can do with Teamifi.

Just contact us and we'll get a Hub set up for you, and give some helpful quick-start tips to get you going.

After 15 days, you can either purchase for one of our subscription plans, or just go on with life as it was before you knew about the amazing world of Teamifi (it'll probably be ok).

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Our current Beta version is fully functional, but while we continue to add features you can take advantage of an extra Beta discount on all plans.

Free Trial Details

What You Will Get

You will get a fully functional Teamifi Hub for a Small Team. This means you can have as many as 25 team members in your Hub (including yourself), and you'll have 50 GB of storage space allocated. All of the features and functions of a Small Team Hub will be active and available for you to use

Upgrades, add-ons and premiums are not avaialable during the free trial.

What You Can Do

You can use your free trial to do anything you would do with a paid account. Invite team mates to join, communicate, collaborate, share files, assign tasks, schedule events... all functions are available. Be sure to also take a look at the User Guidelines on our Support page.

In addition, all of the admin and configuration functions are also available. Create Teamspaces, upload your logo, change your notification settings, add profile and banner images, create permission groups, assign Teamspace moderators, etc. Our Knowledge Base is a great place to start.

What You Can't Do

There are a few things that we hold back for paid customers only.

Once you convert to a paid account, your Hub Master will receive an invitation to join the Hub Master community in the Teamifi Hub. You'll get a chance to interact with other Hub Masters and Teamifi staff in a cool, online community.

Paid accounts have the opportunity to add storage upgrades and premium services that are not available to free trial accounts.

How It All Ends (Spoiler Alert!)

At (or before!) the end of your 15 days, you can simply go to the Plans & Pricing page here at the Teamifi web site, and pay for a regular plan. We will send you a reminder or two as your trial nears its end so you'll have all the info you need to convert to a paid account.

If you forget about the whole thing during your 15 days, don't worry. We won't charge you automatically, and we won't convert you to a paid account unless you explicitly request the conversion and provide your payment information.

If you want to convert to a paid account, but you don't get that done before your 15 days is up, don't worry. We will hold on to the content you created in your free trial for 15 more days, so you can still convert to a paid account without losing your content.

Please be careful what you upload to your free trial account. Fifteen days after the trial period ends, we will delete the account and all of the content you put there. After that, there's no getting it back.

Why we ask what we ask

When you send the form, you'll be required to provide some information about yourself and how you plan to use your Teamifi Hub. We value transparency, so we want to be totally clear about why we ask for the information we ask for.

We ask for some details about who you are (your name, the name of your organization, etc.) for three reasons.

First, when we communicate with you, we want to use your name, because we feel like this shows you respect as a person.

Second, building a personal connection with you is part of our desire to build trust and make you feel comfortable doing business with us. We're not trying to be sneaky about it - we just know that people are more likely to buy our service if they trust us, and we want to earn your trust.

Third, it's possible that some bad people out there might try to use the Teamifi free trial to do bad things. Getting some information about who is using the free trial helps us to combat the bad guys.

We ask about your reasons for using Teamif for three reasons.

First, if we understand why you want to use Teamifi, we can do a better job of helping you understand how Teamif can meet that need. Meeting your needs more effectively is good for you, and good for us.

Second, if Teamifi happens to not meet your needs, understanding what we couldn't do for you helps us to make plans to improve our service. One thing we really value is continually improving.

Third, it's possible that some bad people out there might try to use the Teamifi free trial to do bad things. Getting some information about how people want to use the free trial helps us to combat the bad guys.

We ask for your credit card information for a free trial. What's up with that? Please know that we take this request very seriously, and have a good reason - actually, two of them.

First, getting your payment information now makes it very easy for you to convert to a paid account at the end of your free trial. Again, we don't want to be sneaky - we are defintely trying to make it easy for you to become a paid customer, and making it convenient for you ends up being a benefit to us both.

Second, it's possible that some bad people out there might try to use the Teamifi free trial to do bad things (you probably see the trend at this point). Running a credit card validation helps to confirm that you are who you say you are, which helps us to combat the bad guys.

For the free trial, we do a run an automated credit card validation. Your card is not charged, nor is your card information provided to Teamifi. When you decide to purchase, we use PayPal to process payments. At no time does Teamifi actually collect, store or even have access to see your payment information.

Connect with us

Use the form below to send us a quick message, or for more serious contact, use the Contact Form, or Support Request.