Branded Engagement Network

Roll out a private, branded platform for your organization.

With a private, branded social network at Teamifi’s core, you can easily invite people in to connect with you, with your organization, and with each other. It’s a full social network with posts, comments, profiles and feeds that lets you build community and engagement.

Engagement starts with personal connection

The personal connection you make with your people lays a foundation for involvement, loyalty, donorship, productivity... And you can build on that foundation using the communication and task management tools that you'll find in Teamifi.


Traditional social networks are shallow, chaotic, and distracting. Engagement networks are deep, targeted, and productive. Teamifi puts social, communication and connection tools into your hands so that you can truly engage with your people, developing relationships that increase loyalty, persistence, quality and productivity.

Research across the board shows that stronger connections and deeper engagement between the organization and the people have many benefits. The people are more commited and stay with the organization longer. They work harder. They do better work. Donors give more. Volunteers volunteer more. And they feel better about the organization and themselves.

Employee Engagement Research (Master List of 32 Findings) by Kevin Kruse

You want your people to engage with your organization, not with your vendor. We get that, so we put your logo right at the top of your Hub. Teamifi won't get between you and your team members. We won't email them, won't update them about our company, won't try to sell them anything. Your Hub is your space, which is what your people will see when they visit.

Teamifi doesn't share personal data. Not for free. Not for money.

The subscription model allows us to sustain our service, and our business without selling your personal data to generate revenue. Unlike other social networks, we don't push people to invite their friends, share their interests with us, play our games or take our surveys. Your subscription pays for the service, so our obligation is to make sure Teamifi is useful to you, to achieve your goals, and accomplish your purpose.

Our explicit committment is to never sell, share or divulge your organization's information, your users' information, or any other personal data to anyone (see our Privacy Policy for more information, including our legal obligations). Teamifi is a platform that enables your organization to engage your people, and we don't use what is yours for ourselves.

Your Hub only contains the content that you put on it. Teamifi doesn't push news feeds, political messages, surveys, games, or ads. Your Hub is free from content that pushes someone else's agenda, someone else's products or someone else's message. You get to communicate with, collaborate with, organize and engage your people without the distractions that are part of the package with other social tools.


Group, direct and private messaging keep your comms centralized within the team, and alongside the task.

Teamifi gives you direct messaging to individuals and groups, announcements and public posts, and private posts for teams and targeted groups. Every communication channel allows comments and likes to add depth to your messaging.

Notifications ensure you don't miss a thing

You and your people get notified of new communications whenever you log in, and email notifications let you know there's something new when you're not logged in. And don't worry, all notifications are customizable, so you'll only get the ones you want.


Robust group and direct messaging helps you keep your communications centralized within the platform. You don't need to send your team members to an email client, a messaging app and a discussion forum - Teamifi gives you all those right in your Hub.

Use the messaging system to send direct messages to individuals and Teamifi will keep your conversation easily accessible. Need to message a group of members? No problem - you can even add participants to a message thread mid-stream when you need to. And to make your messaging even more productive, you can add file attachments to any message.

To reach groups in your Hub more generally, you can create posts in the familiar social-network approach to sharing. Posts can be public, meaning they will be visible to your Hub's visitors (if you allow vistors), or private, meaning that only registered members will see them. Also, private posts are not included on the main Dashboard feed.

Posts can have files attached to them, and can contain links to other web content. Image files attached to posts will get a thumbnail of the image in the post, and links to videos from popular video sites like YouTube and Vimeo are rendered and watchable right in the feed.

To be sure a particular individual(s) are aware of a post, people can be tagged using the standard '@name' method for tagging users. Tagged users will be notified that they were mentioned in a post.

Members can add comments to posts, creating a threaded discussion on whatever topic the post initiated. Like posts, comments can have attachments, links and tags of their own.

Like it or not, 'likes' are a thing. In Teamifi, members can register their support for or interest in a post by clicking the 'Like' button

Teamifi gives members a variety of ways to create and share posts with each other.

Each member has their own profile page, and can post content to their page. Profile posts appear on the main Dashboard feed, and on the Profile feeds for anyone the member is Friends with.

The Dashboard is an aggregate feed that includes all 'Public' posts from Profiles and Teamspaces. This is a great central place for members to keep up to date on what is happening with teams across the organization.

Members can post in Teamspaces to communicate with other members of their team. This targeted post-and-comment process makes Teamspaces a vital link in the communication chain. Posts can be made public (to they appear on the Dashboard), or kept private (so they are only visible in the Teamspace), which allows discussion to be kept within the relevant team when necessary.

There are two types of notifications in Teamifi - internal and external.

Internal Notificiations: At the top of the page are two notification icons, one for messages and one for other types of events that occur in the Hub. The message icon looks like an envelope and shows the member the number of new messages or responses they have received and not yet opened. The other notification icon looks like a bell and indicates things like the member has been mentioned in a post or comment, a task has been assigned or updated, something has been scheduled, they've been tagged on a file upload, etc.

External Notifications: Teamifi will send an email to a member's external email address to notify them that something has happened. This could be the receipt of a direct message, a mention in a post, a task, etc. Teamifi will also send an email digest (a collection of notifications) on either an hourly or daily schedule to let the member know what has been happening in the hub

Controlling Notifications: A Hub Master or Moderator will set the default notification settings that apply to all members. A member can override the default settings and control what they receive notifications for, how often they receive them, and whether those notifications are sent to their external email.

Right now, Teamifi does not have an instant-messaging/chat function. We are working on building this function and will roll it out as soon as it's ready.


Give every team, group, family and crew their own space.

In the Teamifi platform, you can create a separate workspace for a team, a project, a topic, or really anything. A Teamspace creates a smaller community within your Hub with a particular identity all its own. This allows for greater focus, strong engagement and greater productivity.

More control, fewer limits

Want to create a Teamspace around the discussion of a book and let in anyone that wants to join? Can do. Need to give a team a private space for focused collaboration on a sensitive project? Check. You can create as many Teamspaces as you want. You control the membership and configuration, and make them as permanent or temporary as you need them to be.


A Teamspace is a like a small hub within your larger hub. Think of it as a SubHub! A smaller community forms witin a Teamspace around a particular focus that all the members have in common. You can create as many Teamspaces as you need within your hub; you control membership and access to the Teamspaces, and if you want, you can even give your members the ability to create spaces as they need them.

Posting, commenting, task assignments, scheduling, file sharing… all the features we’re proud to offer are easy to access and use within Teamspaces. So instead of sorting through your entire contact list to find the right people every time, just assign tasks to a Teamspace It's already set up with the people you need to reach. Share a file, set a meeting, gather feedback and get your team engaged.

Teamspaces give you the flexibility to create spaces for any purpose from projects and tasks to topics for discussion or decision making, to shared personal or provessional interests. There are alots of uses beyond the obvious project or event team collaboration.

Got a group of people taking a class together? Give them a Teamspace to discuss, share notes, and collaborate on assignments.

Sending service or ministry teams out on short-term trips? Give each of them a Teamspace to get connected and coordinated. They can share encouragement and struggles in a private space or share needs and report on progress in a public space.

If you've ever tried to have a conversation with a small group of people in a big group chat, you know why teams need their own Teamspaces. While the energy and synergy of the large group plays an important role for your organization, your people may feel disconnected if they are getting lost in the crowd.

Teamspaces help you engage your people in two main ways. First, the smaller group, built around a common goal, task, interest or whatever, allows the members to more easily connect to each other as individuals. That connection creates a sense of belonging, shared purpose, loyalty, accountability and longevity that is hard to achieve in the relative anonymity of a larger group.

Teamspaces also give leaders the ability to connect more personally with more people than they could otherwise. Compare an announcement made in a newsletter, on social media, or via email to the whole organization. This announcement is going to generate discussion, questions, maybe some disagreement, or some confusion - or maybe some excitement and a lot of new ideas. It's going to be hard to respond to people on an individual level, and the confusion you want to clear up, or the dissention you want to head off, or the momentum you want to maximize is going to be difficult to address.

No envision that announcement made within Teamifi. Your individual team members are already organized in strongly bonded groups. Leaders can interact with those groups in Teamspaces rather than one to one. Team members have the opportunity to respond, and feel heard, ideas flow, and important issues come to the surface. It's rich engagement and efficient process at the same time!

Getting the right people together, and giving them the tools they need are the keys to productivity. Teamspaces make all of Teamifi's communication, task management, scheduling, file sharing and collaboration tools available right in the team environment.

Team leads can assign and track tasks within the Teamspace. Teams, in their spaces, engage focused discussion on ideas and solutions to problems. Teams have their own calendars for events, meetings and deadlines. Documents and files are easily shared. Ideas are exchanged, challenged, revised and improved. People are engaged in ways that encourage their best work.


Collaboration is more than just talking about work.

We know that true collaboration requires the ability to share the work itself, and Teamifi's file sharing tools are designed to help your teams do just that. It's easy to upload files into Teamspaces and to manage access those files. Teammates can attach comments and likes to the file's listing or can attach the file to an ongoing discussion thread.

Space to store things and room to grow

Your Teamifi account includes an allocation of file storage space so you can start sharing work right away. And if you need more, your storage space can grow with your team.


Teamifi makes it easy to share files, and every Hub comes with an allocation of file storage space that can be sized to meet your needs. Files can be shared to an individual, to a custom group, to the members of a Teamspace or to the entire Hub. Feedback can be attached directly to a file, from a single comment to an entire conversation thread with revisions and new files included right in the thread.

Images are easy to share, and can be share inline with discussion threads, placed in folders in the file-storage space, or collected in the image gallery for a Teamspace or a user's profile page.

Video files can be uploaded and shared just like any other file. In addition, videos from popular sites like YouTube and Vimeo will display inline as playable, embedded videos.

Like video, you can share audio files as you do all other types of files. Additionally, audio content from Soundcloud can be embedded and played right in the Hub.

One key to good collaboration is the ability to keep everyone on the same schedule. The Teamifi calendar module allows you to schedule events, meetings, deadlines and reminders for your people and teams. Your Hub will have an overall calendar, and additional calendars can be connected to individual Teamspaces for smaller team collaboration.

As you probably saw under the Communication tab, posts, tags, comments and likes are integral to the Teamifi Hub environment. These tools provide the comunication threads that tie together effective collaboration. Giving feedback and input on shared work via comments, voting with polls and likes, and direct/group messaging keeps collaborative work moving forward.

Tasks and Work Management

Straightforward task management for easy productivity

Let your people know what you need them to do, and give them tools to get it done. In Teamifi, you can assign tasks to individuals or groups, set deadlines for completion, attach files and share comments and discussion right there on the task. Tasks appear on the dashboard for all users assigned to the task.

Sharing is caring (and is great for doing too)

Giving your team work to do together helps build engagement which has all sorts of great outcomes for both people and organizations. It also gets things done better and faster. Let Teamifi help your team get to work together.


Tasks can be assigned to any number of team members, who are each included on notifications and reminders associated with the task. An individual team member can be given responsibility for the task, or it can be left open for the team to tackle as a group.

Assigned tasks and deadlines appear on the users' MyTasks list on the dashboard, helping everyone keep track of what they are responsible for completing.

Tasks include all of Teamifi's great collaboration features. Files can be attached, each task includes its own comment thread. And completed projects are retained so teams can look back and see all the progress they've made.

Assign deadlines to your tasks.


Schedule events, meetings, reminders and more.

Like it or not, our lives are often ruled by our calendars, Teamifi's calendar tool lets you schedule anything you need scheduled. Events can be public or private, your teammates can RSVP to calendar events, and as usual, you can attach files, like and comment.

Sometimes one just isn't enough

Teamifi gives you multiple calendars within your Hub. You can have a main Hub calendar, separate calendars for Teamspaces, and even a personal calendar on your profile page.


Use the calendar module to schedule meetings, events and reminders for your users. Team Members can RSVP to events and they will appear on the upcoming events list on their dashboard.

In addition to the main Hub calendar, you can have separate calendars for any Teamspace and even for each Team Member's profile page (as configured by the Hub Master).

Like other Teamifi tools, calendar events can have discussion threads, file attachments, Likes and notifications associated with them.

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