Teamifi, as an idea, was born in a moment of clarity, on September 18, 2018. Teamifi as a product took shape of the following week, and by September 27 we had deployed our first proof-of-concept Hub. In November we had a working alpha version, and started working with our first customer to deploy Hub #1.

All of that is true, but of course, there is a lot more to the birth of Teamifi than the tl/dr.

The first thing you need to know about Zach and Steve is that we've spent most of our lives working for or with non-profit organizations of various kinds; churches, foundations, charities and schools. One of the things that we know from that experience is that leading volunteers isn't easy. Which is funny, because for the most part, people that volunteer, or even just associate themselves with a non-profit organization generally do that because they really care about the cause. Mostly, they want to help. But often, non-profits are understaffed, and staff wear lots of different hats, and don't have enough time or sometimes the right skillset to connect with, coordinate, motivate and manage the work of volunteers with inconsistent schedules, varying skills and experience, and who sometimes just disappear without explanation.

In the fall of 2018, Zach had a conversation with the communications manager at a local church. His issue was that he needed someone to design some presentation graphics for the church. He knew there were graphic designers in the congregation, and that several had expressed interest in volunteering their skills, and he had even tried to get them together a couple times, but it was just too hard, and he was too busy to get it all together. That conversation was the spark

Zach told Steve about the conversation, and two conclusions he had come to. One, there must be a way to solve that problem. Two, every church has that problem. As they talked, they realized that it's not just churches, but any organization that depends on volunteers. Actually, any organization that relies on people to do work, which is a pretty big group, to be honest.

So Zach went to work talking to more people from different organizations to see if they could relate to that need, and Steve went to work finding a user-friendly, scaleable, affordable solution to the problem. Within a week, it was clear that the need was widespread, and a great solution emerged - an engagement platform with integrated productivity tools, built on an open-source social network platform called HumHub.

We were helped significantly in the early development of our company by Jay Sherer, Stephen Monte and the Zuventurez program at Azusa Pacific University.

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